Dental Care

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Periodontal Disease

Good oral health is important for every pet. Periodontal disease affects both people and pets and is usually associated with oral bacteria. When this bacteria travels into your pet’s bloodstream the lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and/or nervous system can be affected. These infections are treatable if caught at an early stage. However, if they are not caught in time, they can cause serious organ damage and even death.

  • Signs of Oral and Dental Disease
  • Bad Breath
  • Tartar buildup on the teeth
  • Swollen, receding or bleeding gums
  • Fractured or abscessed teeth
  • Change in eating habits

Dental Cleaning

A complete oral exam is part of any pet’s annual exam. Based on this exam, our veterinarians may recommend a dental cleaning for your pet, which for most pets, needs to be done annually. This is an outpatient procedure where your pet has full mouth x-rays done, teeth cleaned and examined, and a sealant applied. Because dogs and cats are not good at “sitting still” for this procedure, dental cleanings are performed under general anesthesia to allow for us to effectively examine and treat every tooth. Occasionally, further treatment such as extractions may be needed based on x-ray and exam findings which will be performed at that time. If your pet needs a dental, if you suspect a problem, or if you want to discuss periodontal disease further, please schedule an appointment today for a dental check up

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