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All we hear are barks, meows and tweets of delight. We always appreciate hearing from our valued customers. Check out what our pet parents have to say about McCurdy Animal Hospital. If you would like to share your experience, please review us on Google.

What Our Pet Parents Say

McCurdy couldn't have made given me a better experience. I feel 1000% comfortable with McCurdy Animal Hospital taking care of Trixie and treating her heartworms. I adopted Trixie with heartworms, and the people I adopted her from original told me it would be best to treat using slow kill. Since she was my first dog, I didn't know any better. I've been so nervous about treating them knowing that dogs have the smallest possibility to die during treatment, & my last vet did nothing to ease my concerns. He just nagged me and didn't understand the time constraints of my pharmacy residency. However, the vet at McCurdy explained everything to me, listened to my concerns, and is willing to work with me on Trixie's treatment. I can't imagine going to a better vet. I'm excited to return and feel comfortable leaving my best friend in their care. They treat Trixie like she's their own dog.

Allison R.

Love McCurdy animal hospital! We have been going there for several years. The staff is always so friendly and even remember my dog Delilah. They never seem like they are in a rush and is always encourages me to ask any questions.

Lacey R.

My miniature Schnauzer cross, Suzy, LOVES McCurdy Animal Hospital! Our one stop shop for Medical, grooming and boarding. We have used them for 5 years and Suzy is always happy to see the staff at McCurdy and we are always happy with their service. :) :) :)

Jane S.

Dr. O'Riley and his staff are awesome. Everything about our experience was professional and very personable.

Donna S.

I've been coming to McCurdy for over 20 years. They have always taken great care of my Rottweilers over the years. I recommend them anytime a pet parent is looking for a great welcoming, caring place for their babies. I'm so glad this team has carried on the late Dr McCurdy's care and love for our loyal pets.

Rachell D.

I have been taking our pet Bentley here for 9 years for Vet services and boarding. They have the best services and are very good with Bentley who can be a bit of a handle. They have great customer service and I will continue to be a customer forever. Thanks to the Staff for being there for us.

Shane R.

Kind, caring professional staff. Probably the best vet in town (Dr. O'Reilly). The only vet I would trust to take care of my best friend from beginning to end. Highly recommended.

Gary D.

Back after a few years at another clinic! McCurdy isn’t the newest fanciest place, but the staff and Dr O’Reilly are great and in the end service + care is what matters. Backstory: I started using them when my now-8-yr-old aussie was a pup. We used them for years. My aussie, being also my working search & rescue k9, came up a bit lame we went to AMC/fastenrath who does k9 rehab here in town. I liked their office and the fact they had 3 year vaccines (which McCurdy does not offer) so I switched over to AMC for ease of all-in-one vet for our needs. However, this year I am back at McCurdy. I needed a place that could accommodate my hearing loss - a place that had the ability to text, and for a needed dental cleaning I preferred to wait in waiting area so i could lip read and deal with anything that arose in real time. AMC offered none of that, McCurdy does! Dr O’Rielly remembered us and had no issues welcoming us back to do the dental, which he does himself! (At AMC, I also didn’t like that it was farmed out to a vet id never met and not be able to meet in person due to their covid restrictions) So…looks like we are back to McCurdy. I left for ease of all in one rehab + general vet, and the 3 yr vaccines. Im back at McCurdy for the service and care and accommodations they offer.

Amata H.

They took great care of my Darby (dog) She had ear issues as well as allergies. Darby was very scared, but they handled her with loving and caring. She’s already doing so much better.

Melissa J.

Amazing experience. I felt very comfortable taking Zeus here and he’s already better mere days after his appointment. They squeezed me in within an hour of calling and made sure he was seen. He went from nearly crippled to acting like a puppy again. Thank you so much to Dr. O’Reilly!!

alyssa d.